Get Empowered

Get Empowered: Beginner Weight Lifting Program

Get over your fear and start empowering yourself.

Learn to Lift Weight

GET EMPOWERED is a personalized beginner online coaching program for those interested in transforming their body by learning to lift (weights) at the gym.

For the first time in your life don't give up.  Results aren't going to happen tomorrow or next week, but with consistency change will happen.

This is a 3 month online lifting program teaching everything you need to know to start lifting.  

NOT A COOKIE CUTTER PROGRAM.  You will receive a plan based on your experience, goals, and needs.


3 Month Program.  4 Workout Programs per week updated each month.

  • What exercises to do each day broken down by muscle group.
  • How much weight to lift, how many reps to do
  • How to do each exercise....EFFECTIVELY.  
  • Full Program Design for 3 months (progressive program updated each month)
  • THE BASICS GUIDE:  How to stand, how to breathe, how to lift for high intensity, what is failure, what is fatigue, how far to push yourself.
  • 411 on Cardio:  What kind should you be doing, if any at all.

This Program requires a training facility.

Meal Plan Included.

Private Facebook Group membership for life with others who are doing GET EMPOWERED.

Progress Photo Check in WEEKLY via Email with Christine.

Weekly Phone/Video calls with Christine for accountability and progress.

24/7 Email support with Christine