Mental Health Awareness Week #MHW2K16

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016: Announcement & Introduction |#MHW2K16

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 is here!

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016| My Introduction & Announcement

I’m so excited because this year i’m participating in mental health awareness week 2016.  The entire month of may is dedicated to Mental health awareness.  This is the first year i’m participating in this.  I have so much to say on this topic and really want to reach out to this community and interact with other women who are going through different forms for mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety, something that I personally struggled with in my early 20s.

First let me introduce myself, My name is Christine Coen, I’m a fitness specialist and registered dietitian, i’m a student of ballroom dancing and powerlifting, i live in NYC, I have pink hair, my new favorite food is Poke, it’s just come to NYC and it’s awesome.  On my Youtube channel i talk about fitness, nutrition and how exercise and mental health play an important role with each other.  I want to share what i do day in and day out to keep my mind and body in a healthy places.  You will hear and see throughout the course of the week some of the tough things I went through and how i used fitness and nutrition to help recover myself from depression and anxiety.  Right now i have a program that helps women going through similar issues learn how to lift weights and discover their inner strength em power themselves to improve all aspects of their life.  


There are so many stigmas around mental health issues that we have because we aren’t educated about them.  This month of may is dedicated to bringing awareness to what mental health is, how you can help, what you can do, where to be educated and help others and loved ones who are going through this.  NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is an amazing resource that provides info to those who are struggling and loved ones who are helping.  This year’s Mental Health Awareness Theme is STIGMA FREE.  


This year I’m taking action, and joining the conversation about depression and anxiety through Youtube and my other social media platforms, to  talk and educate others and connect to those going through similar issues or have gone through.  It was really powerful for me and my recovery to talk with others who had overcome and recovered from their depression & anxiety.


I’m teaming up with @LIKEKRISTEN- Youtube and her campaign #MHW2K16 on social media.  We are also using #IAMSTIGMAFRE and #MHSTIGMAFREE.


I’m looking forward to meeting others on social media who are participating in this campaign as well as bringing awareness to others who don’t know about it yet.  I’m going to be posting 1 video a day on my Youtube for the first week of May!  These are the themes i’m going to be covering each day:


Day 1: My story

Day 2: Depression, Anxiety and Exercise

Day 3: Depression & Anxiety awareness

Day 4: How do you practice self care every day?

Day 5: Mental Health & support??

Day 6: Misconceptions of Recovery

Day 7: 10 reasons to live. (Not just exist)


You can use these themes or make up themes of your own.  You can make a Youtube video, or simply post on facebook #iamstigmafree.  It doesn’t matter how involved or professional your videos, photos, posts are, but the point is the spread awareness to others through the power of social media.  We can really reach so many people just by starting a conversation around this.  I really want to know when you post on whatever social media you choose- Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, personal blog so please use the hashtag #MHW2K16 or #IAMSTIGMAFREE when you do post something related to this topic!

I’ll be posting my first video about MY STORY

on SUNDAY May 1, 2016 on Youtube! It can be found here:

Mental Health Awareness Week Intro Video

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