Hydration: Are you Doing it Wrong?

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Hydration:  Are you Doing it WRONG?


How much do you want to bet that you have been hydrating WRONG through this summer heat wave were having in NYC?
Do you know that many people still grab a soda or something similar when they're thirsty and dehydrated --and think they are quenching it? I was shocked at this-- how can people think that soda could be hydrating their body like water!?!
Personally though, I have noticed that when I am walking around during a scorching hot day with the humidity up to what feels like 1000%, that I don't crave water to quench my thirst-- I crave something crisp, ice cold, and juicy! I thought this was just my body trying to trick me into buying something sugary and sweet but in fact it's my body telling me it needs electrolytes!
In this YouTube Nutrition chat I give you the low down on the types of dehydration and how to properly hydrate your body with different foods or beverages (all whole food suggestions!), what the symptoms of dehydration feel like (I bet you feel them everyday!), and how to make a change. Go watch my short video now (link in bio) and let me know what you think in the comments!
💦💦Stay hydrated today 💦💦


Hydration During HOT Summer Days

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