Hiking in Mohonk Taught me a Life Lesson

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How Hiking in Mohonk Taught me a Life Lesson

Do you ever notice that some days seem to last forever like a summer day when you were 11?  And others drag on endlessly because the minutes are spent doing something you find hair pulling-out kind of boring?  And then there are the days that go by so fast, they run like water through your fingers.

Time is relative ichristine coen mohonk mountaint seems.  The question I am always asking myself I how can I create more of those filled days that are packed with love, gratitude, being awake every single second, and last forever.


Last week I drove up to New Paltz, NY with my mom and sister to a beautiful spot in the Mohonk Preserve.  (There is a gorgeous resort up there with a few hikes and rock scrambles).  We spent 2 hours driving there and completed the hike all before 11:30am!  I felt like I had done more that morning than I do in a whole day sometimes.

We did the rock scramble, an adventure that challenged me slightly on a physical level and greatly on an emotional level.  I was unsure at times how I would climb over, around, through, if I would fall, how I would get to the other side.  Climbing through territory that was foreign and unchartered is not my usual habitat living in NYC.  It was somewhat encouraging to me that others, even kids, had christine coen mohonk mountaindone this successfully before me, but ultimately that wasn’t what fueled my confidence.  I kept repeating to myself, "just keep moving, don’t stop, keep going, trust."  I was surprised at times to find my body supporting me up.  I know I am strong in the gym, but in real life situations I rarely test my strength and so the confirmation that I am strong enough to lift myself in unchartered territory was empowering!  

I realized that I was more unbalanced and more likely to fall when I forcedimg_3184 myself to stop and think about how or if I could accomplish the next bit.  If I looked too far out in front of myself, I would get scared because it looked so steep or so high or I didn't know where I would grab or place my foot.  But I also noticed that if I kept moving, not fast, but just kept moving, that I knew instinctually what I needed to do.  That if I only focusedimg_3201 on the next step I was confident in the truth that I would figure out the next.  

Listen, we hear cliche's alimg_3176l the time like "one step at a time," but to say it and experience it is a whole different thing.  It was so clear to me that with any unchartered territory I am voyaging into, I have the habit of looking too far ahead and freaking out about how I will ever get up there or if I will be able to support myself.  But through this ultimately fun, exhilarating physical life experience I was able to remember that I don't need to know how to navigate 20 steps ahead of myself, that I only need to focus on my next step, which is much more doable.  

And not-so coincidentally, yet another example of how physical movement mirrors our life img_3205 experiences and how we can build our mental strength through our physical.





Thanks for reading and I hope this shared experience brings some value to your day!

Your Coach,



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